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Frequent Flier Gilbert Ott Is Giving Away Upgrades to Anyone That Recognizes Him at an Airport

H2: Gilbert Ott is a self-proclaimed "frequent flyer" who has racked up millions of miles on his travels. He\'s been to over 100 countries and has written a book about his experiences.

H3: Ott is known for his expertise in the airline industry and is often called upon to give advice to travelers. He\'s also a frequent guest on talk shows and podcasts.

H2: Ott recently announced that he\'s giving away free upgrades to anyone who recognizes him at an airport. He says he\'s doing this to reward loyal customers and to show his appreciation for the airline industry.

H3: To enter the contest, simply find Ott at an airport and tell him your name. He\'ll then give you a free upgrade to your next flight.

H2: Ott says he\'s given away over 100 upgrades so far and plans to continue the contest for the foreseeable future. He says he\'s excited to meet new people and to share his love of travel.

H3: If you\'re an avid traveler, be sure to keep an eye out for Ott at your next airport. You might just be lucky enough to score a free upgrade!

Here are some tips for recognizing Ott at an airport:

  • He\'s usually wearing a suit and carrying a briefcase.
  • He\'s often seen reading a book or magazine about travel.
  • He\'s always willing to chat with fellow travelers.

If you do recognize Ott, be sure to introduce yourself and tell him your name. He\'ll be happy to give you a free upgrade to your next flight.

This is a great opportunity to meet a travel expert and get some tips on how to save money on your next trip. So be sure to keep an eye out for Ott at your next airport!

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